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Say It Ain't So Garrett
Written by Charles Dimino

Every year in fantasy you are going to get a dud or two in your draft.  Guys taper off after long careers, have season ending injuries, or just have plain terrible years.  It is just a fact of fantasy baseball life.  For me, however, there is one man that sucked the life out of my (and a whole lot of other people’s) team this year.  His name is Garrett Atkins.

Atkins has been a more than solid fantasy third baseman the last three seasons.  He has averaged 95 runs, 25 homeruns, and 110 runs driven in over this time period.  Although the averages look good, his numbers have consistently slipped a bit over the last three years.  For the draft position you could obtain him at, though, he was worth every fantasy penny you could muster.

These days, however, Atkins looks more like a weak hitting utility man.  His power has all but disappeared with only six homeruns so far.  His OBP is under three hundred.  Hell the guy is barely batting over the Mendoza Line.  What happened to Garrett Atkins?

Matt Holliday joining the A’s has to be a key to Garrett’s futility this season.  Over Holliday’s two best seasons, Atkins had career years (twenty plus homeruns, one hundred plus runs batted in, and over a three hundred average).  Last season when Holliday struggled a bit, so did Garrett (under three hundred average and under one hundred runs driven in).  Now that Holliday is out of the picture, Atkins has dropped off the map.

Garrett has been heating up as of late (along with the red hot Rockies).  Hopefully this will continue.  I would hate for Atkins stay on the path he has been on.  Not only for himself, but for the 54% of the fantasy community that still owns this guy.>