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Case: Sprewell vs. League

Myers Park Rotisserie Baseball League

Type: Rotisserie

Teams: 8, NL only, 5x5, Keeper League

League Rules: you can keep 12 players a year, salary remains constant for 2 years, then increases by $5 per year if the owner decides to keep the player.

Case: Drunken Sprewell vs. League Owners



Summary: Sprewell owned Cliff Lee, who was involved in a complex, 4-team trade going from the NL to an AL team, Halladay was sent to the NL. Precident in the league states that when a player is involved in a 3 way deal, the team that loses a player to the AL, get's the player coming to the NL. League owners argue that Cliff Lee was sent to the AL in a seperate deal, that did not involve Halladay.


Ruling: Based on precident, MPR Roto Baseball League allows for a team to retain a player coming into the NL for one of their players who is traded out of the NL in that single trade. I see how league owners can argue that the Halladay and Lee trades were seperate. When following the letter of the law, Major League Baseball would probably consider these seperate trades. But we're not MLB, we're fantasy baseball. Therefore in this case Seattle, Phillies, Toronto and Oakland were involved in a complex trade between 4 teams and all 4 teams were needed for it to be pulled off.  Based on this leagues history in such cases, when Sprewell lost Lee to the AL, he should receive incumbant Halladay. Now there is a second issue for what dollar figure should be placed on Halladay, whether he is a "new player" at $1 or a "returning player" (at $1 or if in year 2+ at $5+ as a keeper)... ruling is that Halladay was not auctioned and therefore takes the slot of Lee... Whatever $ value Lee would have been this season (as a keeper), Halladay now takes on.