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Case: Devil's Reject vs. r kelly's golden club vip

League rules stipulate that a roster must be entered properly for teams to earn points for the week. While running a "test" for an upcoming rookie draft, Commissioner (r kelly's golden club vip), had accidently set his line-up in error.  The commissioner argues that at 1am while running the test, he didn't realize that the rosters automatically set.  Devil's Reject (DR) argues that this is not the case and that not only does a warning clearly state a roster is not set properly, but also the rosters sets at 5 min before each game rather than at 1am.


Historically in this league the Commissioner has been very strict in upholding league rules and this particular roster rule. In this case, however, the roster slots that were in error were not materialistic to the outcome of the week points.



Because the roster slots in error were not materialistic to the outcome of the week's points (the roster slots affected were reserve slots), ruling is in favor of the Commissioner. FBA's ruling comes with a warning to the Commissioner, who with this new precident shall amend the roster rule to account for non-factorial roster errors as not to affect a teams weekly points. FBA is giving the Commissioner the benefit of the doubt and suggests in the future that he does the same in his league when league rules are disputed.