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Training For The Baseball Off-Season


Sure, fantasy baseball can help you keep your fandom in check during the regular season, but what about those delicate few months that exist between the end of the World Series and the start of Spring Training?  If you’re the type of baseball fan who can hardly keep his or her excitement contained for a week, let alone a month, these winter months can be brutal to bear.  If you can’t bear the burden by just filling your schedule with non-baseball related activities, consider several of these off-season training tips that will keep you filled up on baseball even when there’s none to be found on TV or at the park.


Hit Those Batting Cages

There’s nothing that relieves the tension better than smacking a few balls back against some wire fencing. Baseball pitching machines can provide preliminary relief from not having anyone who’s interested in playing ball with you in mid-December at the local field, and they can help you keep your hand-eye coordination intact while you wait for your next game (or the start of the baseball TV season).  Just be sure you don’t get so glued to the machine that you forget it can hurl out a ball really fast.  After all, no one wants a bruise or a concussion because a machine turned on him.

Break Out Those Videogames

Put on those oversized eyeglasses and hike up those socks, nerd.  Sure, you may be a jock for most of the year, but when baseball season disappears and you have nothing else to look forward to, baseball video games can help fill that void in your heart.  You can manage a team and even help it win the World Series, even though you may go through withdrawal when you realize that your team didn’t actually win, but rather that your just have really strong finger reflexes on that game controller.  And hey, if you decide to keep those oversized nerd glasses on when the season comes back, no one will blame you.  After all, it worked wonders for Charlie Sheen in ‘Major League.’

Draft Early

As fantasy baseball season begins to approach, begin making your selections early.  Sure, there may be no actual point to pursuing this course of action, but hey, at least you’ll be able to keep your mind busy in the final weeks leading up to opening day.