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Dispute Ruling: Rodgers for Schaub/Holmes/Lynch

In most fantasy trade disputes, managers argue what is "fair" based on only the players involved, as if the trade is an isolated event.  However, this is not the correct way to evaluate a trade.  The essence of a trade is whether it makes both teams better.  This could very well mean that a team who trades Aaron Rodgers for a defense is a good trade if the team trading the defense has Tom Brady as a back up and has no defense (with the defense being the one missing piece for his team to be successful), anyways with that being said:

When in last place, the best way to move up in rank is to trade your top player for several players (as long as each are equally better than the current roster spot they are replacing. The total needs to equal the discounted value for replacing your best player.  When looking at the team giving up Aaron Rodgers, he does not need Lynch.

RB's on roster better than Lynch
Peyton Hill
Michael Turner

So let's toss Lynch. Now we are looking at Aaron Rodgers for Holmes and Schaub.  This does not necessary make his team better.  Holmes only adds to his onslaught of third tier WRs of Harvin, Avant, Williams, Brown, etc...  If I was trading Rodgers I would want a QB replacement (if I needed one) and a top WR.  So yes, the suggestion of Aaron Rodgers for Schaub + Mike Wallace is a good suggestion.

However, it is not the job of other managers to make trades for other people in the league. And it is not acceptable for the top 2 teams to control or influence trades. Managers should be free to make any trade they want, no matter how stupid or bad, as long as it does not disrupt the normal flow of the league OR their is collusion. There is clearly no collusion in this case as you have said no one believes this.  

You now have the following decision to make:

(a) Inform the league that Fantasy Baseball Arbitration rules the trade "slightly unbalanced". Allow the trade to go through as is if both managers still feel the trade is still in the best interest for their respective teams.

(b) Announce to the league that Fantasy Football Arbitration has made a ruling (do not tell them the ruling just yet). Tell them that the outcome will either be the currant trade is accepted or rejected with a new trade proposed as Rodgers for Wallace/Schaub.  If both managers agree to accept the terms of the FFA no matter what the ruling is, then I would rule that the teams should trade Rodgers for Wallace/Schaub.

(c) based on the FFA ruling allow either manager to rescind their offer.

I hoep this solves your dispute.  Please let me know if you have any further questions or whether new information is brought forward. We will continue to assist until your league dispute is resolved.


Chief Arbitrator
Fantasy Football Arbitration