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The League vs. Jason & Ryan:
Written by Administrator
Saturday, 12 November 2011



When a trade goes up for a league vote, managers must way several circumstances; (1) was there collusion? (2) Is the trade so one sided that it would significantly alter the competitiveness of the league? (3) Was the trade made under false pretenses? OR (4) Was a player involved injured during a waiver period or during negotiations when one manage had pre-knowledge of the information?


Dispute Ruling: Rodgers for Schaub/Holmes/Lynch

In most fantasy trade disputes, managers argue what is "fair" based on only the players involved, as if the trade is an isolated event.  However, this is not the correct way to evaluate a trade.  The essence of a trade is whether it makes both teams better.  This could very well mean that a team who trades Aaron Rodgers for a defense is a good trade if the team trading the defense has Tom Brady as a back up and has no defense (with the defense being the one missing piece for his team to be successful), anyways with that being said:

Training For The Baseball Off-Season


Sure, fantasy baseball can help you keep your fandom in check during the regular season, but what about those delicate few months that exist between the end of the World Series and the start of Spring Training?  If you’re the type of baseball fan who can hardly keep his or her excitement contained for a week, let alone a month, these winter months can be brutal to bear.  If you can’t bear the burden by just filling your schedule with non-baseball related activities, consider several of these off-season training tips that will keep you filled up on baseball even when there’s none to be found on TV or at the park.

2011 Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Keeper Leagues Draft Format

With fantasy baseball drafts only a month or two away, it is time to start preparing for your fantasy baseball keeper league draft. There are several more challenges that go into getting prepared for a keeper league than there is in doing an annual draft that starts new each season.

Snake Drafts: Fantasy Baseball Strategy

For those of you that have not had much success playing fantasy baseball or are just getting started playing fantasy baseball for the first time, there is different strategy that goes into playing snake drafts (where picks go 1-15 and then back 15-1) or in an auction format.

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