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When submitting a case for arbitration, be as specific as possible. The plaintiff (submitting party) will enter his argument on this form. Provide the defendant's (or the other party involved) information so that he may be contacted to submit his side of the dispute. If the dispute is rule based or there are more than two parties involved, please enter the commissioner’s information and/or the other parties who may be contacted to provide their input in the debate.


Provide as much information as possible that may be relevant to the case, including league rules, roster size, scoring system, type of league, league website, number of teams in the league, full rosters of teams involved, contract/salary/keeper league information and any evidence necessary, such as commissioners opinion, statistics, injured players or historic data.


The defendant and other parties will be contacted upon submission of dispute. A ruling will be handed down within 24 hours after receiving each parties arguments. The FBA will give an explanation for the judgment and a final ruling.

Upon submission of a case to FBA all parties agree to uphold the final judgment of


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