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Who is going to win the World Series in 2012?


Cool Political Baseball Cards

Check out these cool political baseball cards put out by Upper Deck Trading Cards!










Kendry Morales Player Profile

Difference Maker: Kendry Morales - Anaheim Angels 1B

Who Wants Gagne!?
Written by Charles Dimino


Eric Gagne Player Profile

Jay Bruce Player Profile
Written by Keith Giordano

Jay Bruce Player Profile

Must Read Draft Day Tips
Written by Randy Marquis

On draft day, you need to be the man (or woman) with a plan. You need to rank players, both overall and by position. You need to scour the trade publications and websites for nuggets about up-and-coming rookies and down-and-out former stars. You need to load up on the carbs and be prepared for the marathon that is your league's draft day...

..and then you need to be prepared to scrap it all and improvise.

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