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Who is going to win the World Series in 2012?


Case: Sprewell vs. League

Myers Park Rotisserie Baseball League

Type: Rotisserie

Teams: 8, NL only, 5x5, Keeper League

League Rules: you can keep 12 players a year, salary remains constant for 2 years, then increases by $5 per year if the owner decides to keep the player.

Case: Drunken Sprewell vs. League Owners

The Great Fantasy League Debate

When starting your fantasy baseball league there are a lot of rules to debate, but it is important to get these out early so that you have a smooth season. It is a good idea for a fantasy league of managers that have been with each other for a few season to enter into a written constitution. Here is a comprehensive list of items to discuss during preseason to ensure a lot solid league.

Say It Ain't So Garrett

Every year in fantasy you are going to get a dud or two in your draft.  Guys taper off after long careers, have season ending injuries, or just have plain terrible years.  It is just a fact of fantasy baseball life.  For me, however, there is one man that sucked the life out of my (and a whole lot of other people’s) team this year.  His name is Garrett Atkins.
Wednesday’s Wheelhouse Jaunt
Written by Shawn Lindsey

A day late and a dollar short but I would like to enter the Wheelhouse this week as I watched the Red Sox secure their seventh victory of the season against the Yankees Wednesday night. The sox lead the season series 7-0 with 11 games left between the two teams unless they meet in the playoffs. For some reason the Yankees trotted Chien-Ming Wang out to the mound to continue his 2009 nightmare. Wang was tagged for 4 runs on 6 hits in less than 3 innings of work. But the box score doesn’t tell the whole story. Wang picked up right where AJ Burnett left off Tuesday night. He had a terrible time finding the strike zone with any consistency and was almost chased from the game in the first inning after he walked the bases full. Until the Yankees can sort out their pitching woes the Red Sox are the team to beat in the A.L. East and just imagine how good they could be if David Ortiz comes around.

First Impressions, Part I
Written by Randy Marquis

If you missed it (and if you're fantasy baseball fanatic, you didn't), the Matt Wieters Era finally began on May 29. His sidekick in hype, David Price, made his season debut just a scant four days earlier. Perhaps inspired by seeing Orioles and Rays fans stampeding to the ticket counter, the New York Mets, Atlanta Braves and Chicago White Sox all followed suit by calling up their own franchise saviors, Fernando Martinez, Tommy Hanson and Gordon Beckman seemingly within minutes of each other.

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